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Short introduction about Cairo

Cairo Tours will help you to make the most of your time as there are countless things to do and see in Cairo. our wide variety of Cairo day trips will take you to explore the great pyramids of Cheops. Chefren. Mykerinus and The Egyptian Museum or exploring old Cairo visiting Cairo Citadel or Islamic Cairo Visiting ancient mosques or even head to Luxor visiting Luxor templeKarnak Temple, the valley of the kings and Hatshepsut temple for a whirlwind tour of Ancient Upper Egypt. All of these Cairo tours are sure to add something unforgettable to your Tours in Cairo.

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Historical trips

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Looking for custom Trips?

If you have an idea and want to add to your Custom trips . then check our tailor-made tours page and contact with our operation team to start customizing your Egypt vacations as you wish.

General Tips when you visit Cairo

  • Always keep a bottle of water with you.
  • Don’t miss your camera to take some pictures.
  • Have a professional tour guide during your trip
  • Pack with you some suitable clothes in summer & winter.
  • Bring your Sunscreen, sunglasses.
  • Bring with you some snacks

Cairo General Highlights

  • Visit the Fascinating Giza Pyramids Complex.
  • Arrange a visit to the incredible attractions in Old Cairo.
  • Have an unforgettable Shopping tour at Khan El-Khalili Bazaar.
  • sakkara pyramid
  • Dahshur red pyramid
  • Memphis city

General posts

Pack wisely before traveling

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in...
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A temple

A temple (from the Latin ‘templum’) is a structure usually built for the purpose of, and always dedicated to, religious or spiritual activities including prayer, meditation, sacrifice and worship. The templum was a sacred precinct defined by a priest (or augur) as the dwelling place of a god or gods and the structure built there...
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Alexandria (/ˌælɪɡˈzændriə/ or /-ˈzɑːnd-/al-ʾIskandariyya; Egyptian Eskendereyya; Coptic: ⲣⲁⲕⲟϯ Rakodī; Greek: Αλεξάνδρεια Alexandria) is the second-largest city in Egypt and a major economic center. With a population of 5,200,000, Alexandria is the largest city on the Mediterranean, the sixth-largest city in the Arab world and the ninth-largest in Africa. The city extends about 40 km (25...
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The “Rose City” is a honeycomb of hand-hewn caves, temples, and tombs carved from blushing pink sandstone in the high desert of Jordan some 2,000 years ago. Hidden by time and shifting sand, Petra tells of a lost civilization. Little is known about the Nabateans—a nomadic desert people whose kingdom rose up from these cliffs...
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Thutmose III

Thutmose III, (died 1426 BCE), king (reigned 1479–26 BCE) of the 18th dynasty, often regarded as the greatest of the rulers of ancient Egypt. Thutmose III was a skilled warrior who brought the Egyptian empire to the zenith of its power by conquering all of Syria, crossing the Euphrates (see Tigris-Euphrates river system) to defeat...
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Hatshepsut Temple

Deir el-Bahari

Of the three ancient Egyptian structures on the site, one, the funerary temple of King Mentuhotep II (built c. 1970 BCE), has lost much of its superstructure. The second, the terraced temple of Queen Hatshepsut (built c. 1470 BCE), was uncovered (1894–96) beneath the monastery ruins and subsequently underwent partial restoration. A fuller restoration of...
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Step Pyramid of Djoser: Egypt’s First Pyramid

Constructed at Saqqara about 4,700 years ago, the Step Pyramid of Djoser was the first pyramid the Egyptians built. Djoser, sometimes spelled Zoser (though he was actually called Netjerykhet), was a king of Egypt’s third dynasty. The planning of the pyramid has been attributed to Imhotep, a vizier who would later be deified for his...
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When You Will Be In Cairo, The Capital Of Egypt, You Will Never Feel Lonely Traveler! In Fact You Will Enjoy Travelling Through Time, From One Period To Another.

Cairo Which Has Enfolded Various Civilizations Does Not Concede To Mortality Which Has Overcome.

Cairo Is The City Where Past & Present Meet, Invites You To Come & Enjoy Its Beautiful All-Year Weather, & Visit The Immortal Monuments & Relics.

Cairo Is Considered Today, As It Has Been Throughout History, A Link Between Various Nations Of The World.

International Airlines From Europe, Africa, & Asia Pass Through The Egyptian Capital Making It A Transit Point Or Many International Travelers.

Cairo International Airport Was Built According To The Latest International Systems To Receive The Increasing Numbers Of Tourists & Passengers.

Cairo Is The City Of One Thousand Years, One Thousand Minarets, The City Of Mosques, Al-Azhar, The Biggest City On The African Continent & It Is The City Of Beauty.

The Age Of Cairo Is Estimated To Be More Than One Thousand Years Starting From The Islamic Victory Of Egypt In 641 Ad. The Minarets Of The More Than One Thousand Mosques Radiate In Cairo Skyline.

Cairo Is Considered The Biggest City Among The Countries Of Africa. It Has A Population Of More Than 20 Million People. It Is Al-Moezz Ledin Allahs Cairo, The Capital Of Egypt.

Cairo Lies At The Intersection Of The 2 Branches Of The Nile Delta, Damietta & Rasheed; It Is Also Considered A Junction Between Africa & The Arabian Peninsula As Well As Between Europe & Asia.

So Cairo Throughout Its History Was The Center Of Trade Between The East & The West Due To Its Distinctive Geographic Position.

Cairo Is Considered Egypts Commercial, Political, Cultural, & Military Center & One Of The Most Beautiful Cities For Entertainment & Tourism.

There Lies The Oldest University In History, The Dignified Al-Azhar That Is Consider The Most Important Center For Religious Education In The Islamic World.

In The Time Of The Pharaohs Cairo Was Known As (Own). It Was Also Named By The Greeks As (Heliopolis) Which Means The City Of The Sun, & It Is Itself The New Egypt, Masr Aljadida Today.

The Greeks Transferred The Capital To Alexandria That Had Become The Capital Of The Greek Empire.

A Thousand Years Later, Muslims Crossed The Desert & Pitched Their Tents On (Al-Fostat) That Is Considered The Foundation Of The New Cairo.

Later On, After 900 Ad. The Fatimids Came & Al-Moezz Li Deen Illah Al-Faatmi Street Became The Center Of The Fatimid Caliph.

Today Cairo Is Expanding In All Directions With Unprecedented Development & Progress. It Has Become One Of The Few Capitals In The World Referred To As Famous In All Fields & Specializations.

Cairo Is The Capital Of Egypt, And Is One Of The Most Important Cities On The Levels: Arab, African, And Islamic, This City Has A Very Important History And Has Gained Importance Through Its Privileged Location, Where Cairo Is Located On Both Sides Of The Nile, In The North Of The Egyptian Territory, Specifically To The Southeast Of The Area Where The River Is Divided Into Two Branches: Rashid, Damietta. Cairo Is Considered An Important Tourist Destination, Both In Terms Of Domestic And Foreign Tourism

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